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Sample Contract for Remote Self Study Intensive – Family Immigration Law


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Castle Consulting Services, a division of Immigration Visa Attorneys PC. (“IVA”) will provide you, the Client, with training services designed to prepare you to competently and profitably represent clients requiring assistance in matters relating to Family based immigration law and law practice management. All training will be conducted by Mark C. Daly, a licensed attorney practicing exclusively in immigration law. The training will be a total of 24 hours and will take place over one weekend at the CINA offices in Golden Colorado and will include 1 hour of follow up telephone support sessions. You will be required to bring a notebook /laptop computer with wireless internet capability and a copy of Kurzban’s Immigration Law Sourcebook. These trainings are not lectures: under our supervision you will prepare complete cases during the training. The sessions are highly interactive and utilize accelerated learning techniques designed for maximum retention.

SCOPE OF SERVICES: Circle your choice from the following:

Practice Management trainings:

  1. Immigration Law Office Management
  2. The Secret Keys to Maximizing Your Fees: Strategies You Can Use Today

Immigration Law Trainings:

Family Immigration

  1. K-1 Fiancée Nonimmigrant Visa;
  2. Immigrant Visas and Permanent Residency for Spouses and Children; and
  3. Preparing Immigration Waivers for Spouses and Children.

Business Immigration

  1. H-1B Professional Non Immigrant Visas for Employees;
  2. L-1A Professional Non Immigrant Visas for Executives and Specialized Knowledge Employees;
  3. E-2 Professional Treaty-Investor Non Immigrant Visas;
  4. Permanent Residency and Immigrant Visas for Skilled Workers and Professionals; and
  5. PERM Department of Labor Certifications for Permanent Residency and Immigrant Visas.

Immigration Detention and Removal

  1. Immigration Detention and Bond Hearings;
  2. Immigration Removal Hearings Before the EOIR Part 1; and
  3. Immigration Removal Hearings Before the EOIR Part 2.

Total number of trainings: ____________ x $749 = ___________________.

MCLE credit pending

Initial Consultation

IVA will initially consult with Client via email or telephone to determine:

  1. Your current knowledge of immigration law;
  2. Your current strategies, tactics and techniques in setting your attorney fees and providing customer service; and
  3. Your long term goals and preferred practice areas as an immigration attorney.

We will make sure the training is conducted to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Immigration Training

We provide you links and computer files of video tutorials guiding you through the materials and assignments. We will agree on a schedule for you to submit your assignments and for us to provide you with feedback via two hours of video and live consultation. In this way you can create a flexible schedule to complete the training. This training must be completed in 60 days from the day you receive the training materials. After the 60 days you will have to contract with Mark C. Daly on an hourly basis for review and discussion of your assignments.

Payment for the IVA immigration training is payable by credit card, pay pal link or check to “IVA” and payment in full is due upon the execution of this agreement.

Integrity Refund and Guarantee

Integrity is defined as “Uprightness in mutual dealings.” At IVA we have what we call our integrity guarantee. It is simply this: We will keep our promises, and if we break a promise, however small, we will pay you $100.  Our promise is to do what we say we will do and to readily admit our mistakes before you bring them to our attention.

We guarantee our performance of this agreement and the content of the IVA immigration training. If you are not satisfied with our services because of our errors, omissions or poor customer service we will refund your money after receiving your request for a refund in writing that includes a detailed description of your experiences. You must not be in breach of the contract to qualify for the performance guarantee.


 IVA agrees to take all reasonable measures to protect your confidentiality and privacy, as well as any proprietary information or trade secrets disclosed to IVA as part of our relationship. You understand that IVA has developed at considerable expense the various confidential, proprietary, and copyrighted materials, trade secrets and technologies that will be shared with you throughout the relationship. You acknowledge that (i) all of these materials, trade secrets and technologies are only being licensed to you, not sold; (ii) all components provided to you remain the sole property of IVA; and (iii) Client and Client’s agents will honor all copyright notices/restrictions of these components, which will not be made available to any party other than Client for any purpose whatsoever.


Client agrees that the services of IVA are advisory and supportive only and that Client bears the sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in Client’s business. Client agrees to forever indemnify and hold harmless IVA and their agents from and against any loss or expense whatsoever, including legal and professional fees, resulting from Client’s activities and/or related to the IVA training.


This Contract contains the entire agreement between Client and IVA, all prior agreements, promises, or representations being merged herein. This Contract acknowledges the hardship to all parties in the event of a cancellation. This Contract will remain in effect until and unless Client/IVA receives seven (7) days written notification from the other canceling this service and license. The payment will be non-refundable, but IVA will allow the Client a credit for an equivalent subsequent IVA Training upon receipt of a written request and payment of an additional $350 rescheduling fee 5 days before the first date of the IVA Training.

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  • "This immigration law course was great – I got 3 days of personal instruction on the law and how to prepare everything with a ton of sample documents. I think the coaching package after the training was a huge value because he was available to meet with me online and help me issue spot and strategize new cases. My first case paid for the training."  -VBS, Attorney, Atlanta GA