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Client Reviews of Pro Forma’s Immigration Law Training by Mark C. Daly

Here is an actual client review of Pro Forma’s Immigration Law Training:

Testimonial – Joy Pendelton

My name is Joy Pendelton and I have just completed the immigration training with Mark Daly. I am new to the practice of law in terms of private practice – I have been working as a public defender. I researched and after performing a needs assessment in my area of southwestern New Mexico I determined that there were a lot of immigrants and not a lot of attorneys practicing in that area. I decided that if that is where I want to go with my practice then first thing I want to do is to find some training.

I went online to look for some training and I knew from the minute I saw this website announcing this training that this is the right one…I could feel it. It is a total immersion. It is very lengthy, but it is well worth it. I think that after three days what I find is that I am ready to meet clients and work through their immigration issues. I have confidence that I didn’t have coming into the training because I now know the areas that most of the clients would be interested in having me help them with. I also know that Mark is going to continue to be a great resource for me.

I highly recommend the Family Immigration training.

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  • "This immigration law course was great – I got 3 days of personal instruction on the law and how to prepare everything with a ton of sample documents. I think the coaching package after the training was a huge value because he was available to meet with me online and help me issue spot and strategize new cases. My first case paid for the training."  -VBS, Attorney, Atlanta GA