Mark C. Daly

Attorney, Trainer, President of Community of Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys, P.C. (CINA)

Mark became interested in U.S.-Latin American relations early on, growing up in southern California where there is a large Latino population. He studied Spanish all through elementary and high school, and in college worked with Professor Wayne Cornelius in the Political Science Department at University of California, San Diego and was an assistant on his San Diego County migration research project.

In 1995 he began working during the day as an immigration paralegal utilizing his Spanish language fluency while attending Santa Barbara College of Law. Instead of clerking for a judge, he was accepted as an intern with the Los Angeles County Bar Immigration Legal Assistant Project, assisting low income and indigent immigrants. After passing the California bar on his first attempt in 1999, he began working as an immigration attorney in Santa Barbara. In 2003 he opened his own immigration law office in Santa Barbara and moved to Nashville in July of 2004 to open up a second office. Mark has not specialized in any particular area of immigration law, preferring to offer all types of immigration services. He has had articles written about his practice in magazines and newspapers, and enjoys lecturing to professional and civic organizations about immigration law and participating in media discussions and talk shows about immigration issues.

In addition to practicing immigration law full-time for the last 13 years, Mark is also a certified trainer and has a passion for helping other attorneys learn and launch their own immigration law practices. He is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He started Community of Immigration & Naturalization Attorneys, PC (CINA) in 2004 and sold CINA Nashville to Dawn Gerhart in 2012. an office location in Nashville, TN.  and has helped dozens