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Immigration Law Training 

Serving all 50 states.

Pro Forma Immigration Attorneys offer both in person live and video remote immigration law trainings.

Immigration Law Attorney and Trainer Mark C. Daly

In Person Live Training: We provide 24 hours of private, 1 to 1 in-person training intensives over the course of 3 days at our Denver location.

Video Remote Training: Choose from 13 different remote video trainings custom designed for your 8 hours of study, with a one hour follow up coaching session.

  • Each private 1 day remote intensive course costs $2,495 each
  • Choose Family, Business, Practice Management or Detention and Removal training
  • We prepare a personalized video instruction for you, featuring real cases
  • Courses include document toolbox with videos, sample letters, briefs and 4 hours of coaching and mentoring support

Legal Ethics, Diversity Training and Substance Abuse programs available on request

Mark C. Daly has helped new attorneys, paralegals and experienced attorneys gain the knowledge and hands-on practice to be competent in the fundamentals of Family, Business, or Removal/Detention Immigration Law. In our opinion, Immigration law is the best practice area overall because Federal laws allow a licensed attorney in any state to practice immigration law in any state in the United States.

The law office of Pro Forma Immigration Attorneys (formerly Community of Immigration and Naturalization Attorneys, and Immigration Visa Attorneys) located in downtown Denver, Colorado is owned by attorney Mark C. Daly, licensed in California. Since 2004 he has produced intensive immigration law training courses and mentoring/coaching programs that will prepare you and support you in competently and profitably representing clients in immigration law cases.

Pro Forma has a great passion for training attorneys in immigration law. It is well documented that complaints against attorneys arise from either performance or technical competency issues. According to the Florida Bar:

Law schools do not graduate competent practicing lawyers. Instead, law schools graduate persons with ‘technical competency,’ i.e., graduates who have mastered substantive legal principles and know ‘how to think like a lawyer.’ These skills, however, are only half of the ‘competency equation,’ which is equal parts technical substantive skills (‘technical competency’) and the ability to bring those skills to bear for the benefit of and to the satisfaction of a client (‘performance competency’). It is this performance competency, the ability to communicate adequately with a client and then timely perform services so that reasonable client expectations are met, which is missing from too many lawyers’ erudition as demonstrated by Florida Bar disciplinary statistics. The Florida Bar News, March 1, 2002.

Please review our trainings and contact me with any questions or to sign up for your training.

Mark C. Daly, President of Pro Forma Immigration Attorneys

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  • "This immigration law course was great – I got 3 days of personal instruction on the law and how to prepare everything with a ton of sample documents. I think the coaching package after the training was a huge value because he was available to meet with me online and help me issue spot and strategize new cases. My first case paid for the training."  -VBS, Attorney, Atlanta GA