Professional/Personal Coaching and Mentoring for Immigration Attorneys

We believe attorneys need the proper support to create and practice in a highly ethical, efficient and prosperous business model. We also know that the business of law must support the attorney’s personal needs.

We provide attorneys with Professional/Personal coaching to integrate new curriculum and create a new type of immigration law practice. The high burn out rates for attorneys and their low esteem in the community is an indication that every lawyer must break from the bad habits of the past and forge a new definition of what it means to practice law in the community.

The fee is $400 per hour and we recommend a 12 week program that provides one session a week with Mark C. Daly, a Professional Certified Coach. Call now to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with Mark. The coaching services come with a 110% money back guarantee.

I have received excellent support from coaches and learned about fee setting, business planning, cash flow and budgeting, employee issues and personal goal setting and development. You can learn to overcome what is holding you back from your goals and values, and create your primary aim in practicing law. My coaching clients have created breakthroughs that have resulted in more wealth, more ease and more family time while becoming a better lawyers in the process. Mark C. Daly

Contact me at 1-855-630-3335 to schedule your coaching sessions today.